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Each mark, shape and colour was instinctively composed during

Gong Bath sessions at Highcliffe Castle. 

The transformation of the Gong onto the canvas is a magical combination of my deep emotional response and interpretation of the sound and was painted directly through me, without any

preliminary drawings or agenda.


Gonging has spatial depth, a vibrational journey that drives the patterned layers of my paintings. Lyrical and expressive brushwork is combined with a luminous colour palette that is infused with the spiritual astrological and elemental symbolism of the gong. 

The visual references were made in response to the range of vibrations, healing frequencies and the laid back cool of the Gong.


The Art of magic is ever more prevalent in the creative world.


I want viewers to have an emotional response to the paintings, so that the abstract representations will move a quiet state of mind into a magical part of life.

"Art is about emotion; if art needs to be explained it is no longer art" - Renoir

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